Go, Go, Ghosn!: Nissan Boosts Sales by One Million Annually

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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said yesterday the company would meet his goal of increasing annual sales by 1 million vehicles annually, with an increase of 380,000 cars sold in the US alone. That's a total of 3.6 million since a year ago, a long way from the 2.6 million that signaled possible bankruptcy and humiliating defeat back in 2001. That was the year Nissan and Renault strengthened their partnership to better engage in joint projects. In 1999, the two companies had entered into a complex split-ownership scheme that would have made weaker-hearted administrators cry in their Tasters' Choice. Who would have thought a French carmaker had anything to teach a Japanese one? What's his name again?

Nissan on track to boost sales by 1 million vehicles [The Detroit Press]

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