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After on Monday, the French newspaper Le Monde reported that PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) is planning to buy the struggling Opel brand in order to get a chance against the Volkswagen Group, Opel released a statement claiming the French are talking bollocks.

We can probably trust the Frankfurters on this one, as just two month ago, General Motors was pretty confident about keeping Opel as it's a key player in the company's future plans in Europe.


While Opel/Vauxhall tries to get back on track with its brand new premium hatch, the (less than perfect) Adam, PSA also has enough on its plate as currently they seek the European Union's approval for getting a $9.2 billion state loan guarantee from the great people of France, of whom PSA has already decided to fire 8000...


Opel and PSA are planning to save around $2 billion annually in the next five years thanks to the alliance agreement they signed last February, which also gave General Motors a 7 percent stake in PSA for $419 million.

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