You might think Adam is a bit of a silly name for a car. Out of context, you'd be totally right.

But Adam is to Opel as Enzo is to Ferrari. Minus the power.

Click the picture to rotate the car 360 degrees.

The Adam is the citycar that GM's troubled Opel division is pinning its hopes on in the coming year. Close up, it actually looks quite good. There were a variety of Adams on stage to showcase just how much you can customize (Read: uglify) the little car.


The car is named for Adam Opel, who the keen ones amongst you may have guessed founded the company. It is also the car that has the hopes of a division upon its shoulders. This is the only car Opel had on its stage.

A range of engine choices will be available, starting with a 1.2 liter, 70 horsepower four cylinder and going all the way up to a mental 100 horsepower four banger.

What we found interesting was that there were also some Vauxhall Adams across the stage. Vauxhall is the British equivalent to Opel, but there were two glaring faults with those cars.


Number one: The Vauxhall Adam will only be sold in England. The cars on stage were left-hand drive, meaning that they just rushed and threw some badges on a Euro market car.

Number two: Adam Opel was a person, that car has meaning. Adam Vauxhall might be a person, but he didn't have anything to do with the company, making this one awkward name. The car in the picture above is one of those Vauxhall cars.

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