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GM Seeking Weird Pedophile Market, Wants You To Become A "Friend With Benefits"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

MySpace may be utilized mostly by perverts and Dateline reporters disguised as lonely teenagers, but apparently those people do buy cars. Now the General's hoping to appeal to that same loving-the-lonelygirl demographic as they launch their — and we shit your not — "Friends with Benefits" campaign on MySpace. The General's Pontiac G5 campaign offers tiered incentives for getting people to register their cars on MySpace and get 100 friends to by a G5. That user gets a $100 MasterCard gift card. If you somehow manage to get 1,000 friends to buy the General's new Cobalt-companion, you'll get $1,000 dollars. No word yet on whether you'll be able to use that money to also get your legal fees paid for from the lawsuits incurred from bedding those pre-teenie-boppers.

GM launches MySpace marketing ploy for G5 coupe [Detroit News]

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