GM Hates Bob Seger: Chevy To Sell New Trucks By Getting A Bit Mellencampy

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Despite much love being showed to the old "Like A Rock" ad campaign for Chevy trucks in our polls, GM and Chevy apparently want nothing to do with Bob Seger's crooning voice and a Rock-like image for its new GMT-900 Chevy Silverado trucks. Instead, according to Automotive News, the folks at Chevy would rather hurt so good to get a leg up on the competition by throwing down some R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., trading in one small town middle-aged fat crooner for another, going with the just for men gel using John Mellencamp to sing a little diddy for truck buyers. Although if the reportedly $400 million ad campaign doesn't give the General...

...the hand to hold on to they need, and sales start to come crumblin' down, there'll be no thank you for Mellencamp. Although he may have to cut the whole "Cougar" part from his name — we think Ford/Mercury may still have the trademark on it. Oh, and GMC's continuing with the "professional grade" theme — no song and dance for the Sierra's necessary.


GM's massive pickup campaign [Automotive News]

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$400 million!?

You've got to be joking. GM is going to spend $1.33 in advertising for every man woman and child in the US on an already well established product that will most definately be facing a shrinking market? The bean counters won't approve additional engineering staff but they will spend enough to build a new plant from the ground up on ads.