GM Cutting Ad Spending, Less Johnny O'Connell?!

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We're told the General cut advertising spending by either $300 million or $600 million last year (depending on whether you listen to ad watchers or the always-a-countin' GM), and with all of that damnable John Mellencamp on the airwaves, it's hard to believe that's the case. But, the numbers don't lie, and the second biggest advertiser in the US market's seen it's ad spend decline dramatically. Although GM's spinning it that they're spending more money on the online market, we're just not so sure that would necessarily provide for a reduction in expenditures — mostly because we know we go through more coke, trim-spa and hookers each week than your average TV execs. But whatevs, all we know is if it continues to decline, it'll mean a whole lot less "Our Country, Our Truck" on the airwaves — but also a whole lot less of Johnny O'Connell. So we guess it's a mixed bag.

GM Cuts $600 Million Off Ad Spend — Yes, Really [AdAge]

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Al Navarro

You know, I was just thinking that the GM spots haven't been so bad lately. That HHR one with "It's Raining Men" is pretty funny.

Oodles better than FoMoCo or DCX's domestic stuff.