GM Buckles To Jalopnik Pressure, Reveals Slightly Less Grainy Images Of Upcoming Lineup

Illustration for article titled GM Buckles To Jalopnik Pressure, Reveals Slightly Less Grainy Images Of Upcoming Lineup

UPDATE: We used the "GM Buckles" line for purposes of humor. They really didn't "officially release" these pictures. They're from the same video presentation we saw earlier in the week. Just a wee bit more clear than the last set.

The clamor of every auto enthusiast outlet on the face of this earth was apparently too much for GM. They've just released slightly less grainy shots of what we showed you first Tuesday afternoon — the vehicles "Slick" Rick Wagoner revealed at Tuesday's press conference. Apparently none of the assembled outlets were able to figure out how we got our mitts on those shots of the 2011 Chevy Cruze, 2010 Cadillac SRX, 2010 Chevy Equinox, 2010 Saab 9-4X and an unnamed Buick sedan for 2010 — and of course we're not planning on revealing our slightly silly source. But, thanks to their demand for access, we now get an ever-so-slightly better look at the purported saviors of the GM sales world. Have a gander.

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@OldeEnglishD misses Polar: Re: Aveo vs. Fit. I'd still buy and prefer the Aveo. But I have reasons, besides my pathetic Honda auto dealer experiences. First of all, new is out of the question and used Aveos are relatively cheap because they're inferior to people that care. And I don't, in this instance.

2nd reason is I have no intention of treating this mini car well. Either one is a transportation appliance and Michigan winters don't care where a car is made. I may as well minimize my initial investment because in the end it will be rust regardless. I may wash/vacuum it once or twice a year.

3rd reason is Honda parts have a tendency to be ridiculously expensive. Our Civic rusted through a $250 muffler (just the muffler cost) every 2 years. I bet you can put an entire exhaust on an Aveo for $250. I even go as far as to price out replacement radiators, brake components, alternators and the like BEFORE I even seriously consider a commuter car now.

If I'm buying an economy car, I want cheap all the way down the line. I'm not paying a premium for the Honda experience (again). I had similar experiences with my Mitsu and my Toyota although I probably got the most love for the old Toyota. It got good air and had good ground clearance. Heh.

Either purchase is a long shot though. The $1300 Geo is still serviceable and I'll probably get a few more years out of it before I have to look for a replacement. It's likely that I'll go with old plastic Saturns at this point though. I have no interest in new ones. Rust doesn't stick to Tupperware.