Gizmondo Guy Who Allegedly Bended Enzo Imported Car Illegally, Will Walk

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A reader only known as "Econo Biker" which means he either loves the Minutemen or owns a two-wheeled Ford van tossed us a link to an article on Spong, which notes that apparently, Stefan Eriksson imported the now-assectomied Enzo into America illegally as a show car, along with another Prancing Horse and a Merc SLR. And he'll probably get off with around two grand in fines. Meanwhile, the Bank of Scotland is claiming ownership of the dead horse, and one other question remains: was the McMerc in question the selfsame illegally-imported model that Eriksson brought in? And if so, was "Dietrich" actually driving that car? And where's the cocaine in all of this, anyway?


Exclusive: Gizmondo Ferrari Likely Stolen, Crash Speed Upped to 162 MPH, Eriksson to Walk? [Spong]

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