Give the People What They Want: Ekranoplans For All!

We have to say, when it comes to Soviet military hardware, we've got what most would consider more than a passing familiarity, given our childhood obsession with books on WWII-present planes, boats, tanks and other various and sundry killng machines, not to mention a pubescent summer spent devouring the Tom Clancy oeuvre through Clear and Present Danger. Still, the Caspian Sea Monster took us by surprise. And while we normally let our commenters have the glory on their own, It's entirely worth expending a post to point out that the link that Sebring MGB pointed out needs sharing in a highly-official, Jalop-endorsed manner. Seriously, if you don't spend at least half the clip giggling in sheer amazement at the fabulosity of these machines, we'd recommend an MRI, stat. Meanwhile, we shall not rest until the Port of Los Angeles is crawling with these things. And no, sorry Long Beach, you can't have any. Oakland, help yourself. Sue us. We're feeling selectively parsimonious this afternoon.


Gee Willikers, Anatoly! Ekronaplan! [Internal]

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I've been hip to these things for years, and they are freakin AWESOME. They get so huge with stubby little wings by relying on the Wing-in-Ground-Effect phenomenon that traps a rolling bubble of air under the wing, effectively giving the wing a super-high-density pillow of air to sit on. The lower it flies, the better it works. Super hassle to get airborne at first, though.

The Pentagon is no stranger to them, either, and they have a name for Russia's largest ekranoplan:

The Caspian Sea Monster.

No shit.