British printmaker Surface View is offering up giant prints of the artful and technical Haynes Manual drawings for purchase. Wouldn't you love a wall-sized yellow Mini for your wall?

The choices range from an MK1 VW Golf to a vintage Porsche Carrera, with a Ford Cortina, VW Microbus, Jaguar E-Type, and other assorted vehicles thrown in for the serious enthusiast and lover of technical drawings. There are also a variety of color options, including a lime-on-pink VW Microbus or a cool blue Ford Capri. The smallest prints appear to be about 40x40 with the option also offered for full-sized blinds and custom wall-sized murals. With shipping and handling, but before framing, the smaller size prints run from $100 to $450 USD depending on your image and colors. Hat Tip to John For The TIp!)


[Surface View via Design Milk]

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