Giant Circular Saw Blade Flies Off Truck, Cuts Into Another Truck

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A pickup truck owner by the name of Mr. Xiang was driving along a Chongqing highway in southwest China, just minding his own business, when a 5-foot diameter circular saw blade came flying toward his truck and embedded itself almost two feet deep into the front. Yikes.

The saw blade flew off a truck that had been traveling on the opposite side of the median. That truck’s driver crashed into the median, sending his cargo of sawblades flying into the lanes of oncoming traffic. The blades, of course, were not properly secured.


Fortunately for Mr. Xiang, the blade impacted into the hood and not, say, the windshield of the JMC truck, and while Xiang had to struggle to maintain control of the car, he was able to wrestle the vehicle with its massive new rusty face-jewelry safely to the side of the road.

The condition of Mr. Xiang’s underpants was not revealed, but most experts in the field fear the worst.


Also, it’s worth noting to our American readers that, yes, that’s a JMC truck, not a GMC, even if the logo typography looks the same. JMC is Jiangling Motors Corporation, who, interestingly, are a Ford partner, not GM. I’m not certain of the model name of this JMC, but I’m really hoping it’s called the Gimmy.

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When I first saw this, I thought it was a photoshop.