Getting 500 horsepower sounds simple: just stick a cheapo Chinese-made turbocharger on your equally-cheapo Chevy V8. But the actual process is a bit more involved.


The newest episode of Hot Rod Garage has friend of the site Tony Angelo and his buddy Lucky turbocharging their LS-swapped $800 Camaro for as much horsepower for as little money as possible.


They ended up with about 530 horspower at the wheels, and 590 lb-ft of torque along with it. Total cost of the entire build is less than $10k.

But, as you’ll find watching the episode, the savings in cost comes in exchange for time. Tony and Lucky have to take their engine apart and put it back together again with stronger head bolts, head gaskets, and valve springs. More time has to get spent chopping and welding custom piping to get their turbo kit that was designed for dudebro Chevo Silverado drivers to work with their crusty Camaro.

If you’re wondering on what the real cost of getting a turbo V8 in your life entails, watch the whole thing.

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