Get Your Nostalgia Fix With This VHS Footage of the 1993 Toyota Supra at the New York Auto Show

Being able to see the then-new fourth-generation Toyota Supra at the 1993 New York Auto Show must have been one hell of a trip. Who knew you were looking at a car that would help define modern tuner culture and then, in just over a decade, could theoretically be selling for over $100,000? Thankfully, a kind soul put their VHS footage of the reveal on the internet for all of us to enjoy.


While the video is short, it’s exactly long enough to take you back in time to 1993, a time when Kurt Cobain was still alive, gas was barely over $1 a gallon and Japanese cars were furiously overengineered and often turbocharged. It’s a pure shot of nostalgia right to the heart.

There’s no info about who shot the video that’s been reposted by TheSupraRegistry (initially from cult_classics_garage), but you gotta wonder what the person filming thinks about it now. Do they regret not scooping one of these bad boys up on the spot? Could they sense they were in the presence of a legend? Most importantly—did they even like it back then?

Supra fans who lived through the era: tell me, what was it like? After all the hype around the 2020 Supra, I gotta know how y’all felt back in ‘93.

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I wasn’t at the age of really knowing or caring but I do remember people weren’t impressed with the price to performance in reviews.