Genius License Plate Made From Pizza Box Not Genius Enough

You order the pizza, you eat the pizza and as you’re going to throw the box away, you remember that your old Buick parked outside doesn’t have a license plate. Well, who has a pair of scissors and a marker? You do!


This is all based on an imagined situation I made up just now. Here’s what I do know: according to WHEC, police in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, stopped a driver with a license plate made from a pizza box. The driver faces charges that include driving an unregistered and uninsured car and using fake plates.

Taking to Facebook, the Hopkinton Police department offered some advice to anyone thinking about making their own license plates:

  1. Don’t.
  2. But if you do, make sure not to use cardboard from a pizza box and magic markers.

Glad we could get that all sorted out.

Also, this doesn’t even look anything like a typical Massachusetts license plate! It doesn’t even have “Massachusetts” written all the way out. What state would abbreviate its own name on the goddamn plates?

 Image credit: Chris Devers/Flickr
Image credit: Chris Devers/Flickr

Low-effort, this was.

(h/t to Colin!)

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