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Geneva Showcase: Lada C

Illustration for article titled Geneva Showcase: Lada C

Lada, the venerable AutoVAZ brand that was once a Soviet-era clearinghouse for ten-year-old Fiats, is on the move. And by "the move," we mean they're building brand new cars of 1990s vintage. And to show off its new direction, Lada showed up in Geneva with the Lada C, a prototype of a car it probably has no intention to build, but that looks like a rally hatch version of Mitsubishi's Concept X. Sure, it's probably just a fiberglass body dropped over a Fiat 124 chassis. But dammit, it shows they've got pluck, like the crew of the Battleship Potemkin. Or those guys from "Weekend at Bernie's."



In Russia, Lada 2107 Updates YOU!; Better Than Everything at SEMA This Year: The Lada Samara [internal]

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Mike Spinelli

@Gregich: Lest I seem overly flip in the post, we shouldn't underestimate Magna's ability to to help Lada become a 21st century car company. We'll know more when that happens, sometime in the 22nd century.