Generally Awful 'Get Lucky' Cover Is A Giant Nissan Versa Ad

Much to my chagrin, Daft Punk's stellar "Get Lucky" was supplanted as the Song of the Summer by Robin Thicke's grating "Blurred Lines." But now "Get Lucky" is making a big comeback in the form of... um, an awful cover used in a Nissan Versa Note ad. Uh oh.

That's right. Even though "Get Lucky" has only been out a few months, it's already got its own cover version with a sponsored music video aimed at hawking cars. In this case, it's a cover by breathy singer/songwriter Skylar Grey, who sounds like a kind of poor man's Lana Del Rey. We see Skylar winning the Versa note in a game show and then using it to make all of her wildest dreams come true.


Now, I have nothing against the Versa Note. It's not a bad-looking little hatchback, even if it is a fairly blatant Honda Fit ripoff. And at least Skylar drives it, unlike the other Versa Note ad where the car is reduced to being a mere enabler of camping, surfing, going to shows and other activities that aren't driving.

But I think the Daft Punk cover is kind of terrible here. The video itself smacks of all the blatant Fiat 500 product placement we saw last year in Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time" video. That didn't make me want to buy the car, and this one doesn't either.

Plus, I think people are going to figure out it's an ad. Take it away, YouTube commenter:

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You think?

Hat tip to The Stalwart!

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Thankfully this is here to balance out the world of Get Lucky covers.