2014 Nissan Versa Note: The Wee Little Nissan With A Heart Of Discount Gold

Automakers keep having the same problem over and over again. They build a small car. Said small car is a hit, but people want it to be bigger. The next generation gets bigger. Original small car is no longer a small car.

That's the snag that Nissan hit with the Versa, it keeps getting bigger. That's why there's room below the Versa in the Nissan lineup for a smaller car. Oh hey, look, here's one now.


The Versa Note slots in right below the Versa, and it is tiny. In Europe and Japan, the Note is only sold with inline three cylinder power connected to a CVT transmission. We're not sure of what will be powering the US-bound cars.

On the inside, it sure looks inexpensive. And guess what? I like that. This is the car with everything you need and nothing that you don't. Basic motoring at its best.

Look for the Note to be insanely cheap when it goes on sale. I'm gonna guess this fall.


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