General Motors Reinvention: The Commercial

The New GM has a new website and commercial, entitled "Chapter 1." According to GM, it's not the "end of the American car, it's the start of the American car." They make some strong claims in this new ad.

Among the strong claims includes the following:

  • There was a time when eight different brands made sense, but not anymore.
  • There's a time when the GM cost-structure could compete worldwide, but not anymore.
  • They will be a leaner, greener, faster, smarter company.
  • This is about stronger brands (including GMC)

It's a lot to swallow, but you can't blame GM For focusing on the future instead of the scary present and past.

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Rob Emslie

Rebirth of the American car? That's nice GM, hope the labor pains aren't too bad. Meanwhile Ford's been raising some American cars of its own, and will have some exchange students living with them very soon.