Gas Was 47¢ A Gallon At One Michigan Station Over The Weekend

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Gas is pretty astoundingly cheap right now, but, for a brief, glorious moment over this weekend, gas was absurdly cheap. Like, 1973 pre-oil embargo cheap. Thanks for this little gassy miracle go to the most noble kind of war, the price war.

There’s been a little bit of a price war among gas stations in Houghton Lake, MI, and over this past weekend, one station decided to exercise the nuclear option.

NBC News reports Beacon and Bridge Market there lowered gas prices to 47¢. Just for a comparison, when everyone was freaking out about the 1973 oil embargo, gas prices spiked to 55¢.


Today, they’re back up to the still crazy-cheap price of $1.43/gal. Average prices in the US are $1.89/gal, which is still incredibly cheap, especially when you consider what gas prices were like in the early 2000s, or pretty much anywhere in Europe.

During the 47¢ madness, there were traffic jams and insane lines to get that sweet, cheap go-juice, but there’s no reports if anyone was clever enough to fill up a bunch of garbage cans with gas and make some serious bank by gasoline speculation.


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