Gas Prices Make Suburban Sprawl A Mile Too Far

Back when one of us worked for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the state's economic development rapid-response entity, the wise men (and women) there would tell us the end of suburban sprawl in America will come on the heels of $4-per-gallon gas. Looks like they're right. According to the Wall Street Journal, demand for living close to where one works is rising at the same exponential rate as the price of filling up a fuel tank. Unfortunately, it seems cities aren't quite ready for the influx of people no longer interested in not driving to work. Supply of available housing isn't anywhere near able to keep pace with demand. Come on real estate developers, hop to it — we want to get these sprawl-commuters off the road, freeing it up for those of us lovers-of-the-drive. Remember, it's not only your civic duty, you now have a profit motivation too. [WSJ]


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