Garmin Tosses 4 More GPS Navigation Units Into The Ring

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And here Garmin goes again releasing a relentless amount of GPS navigation units onto the poor, confused public that doesn't understand the difference between the Nuvi 350 and 360 (hell, I don't even know the difference). Now Garmin has used the currywurst consumer electronics festival known as CeBIT to do the launching. The 205, 205W, 255 and 255W are the four new models to grace Garmin's vast arsenal of GPS navigation units.

These four units are designed to be lower end "affordable" options for GPS navigation. They include the regular features. Some bonus good include navigation by photos using Garmin Connect Photos, elevation modeling, Garmin HotFix that enhances satellite acquisition speed and a "Where am I?" feature to find longitude and latitude coordinates on the fly.


The 255 versions also include full maps for Europe, Australia and New Zealand while the 205 versions don't. The 255s also include street name voices in directions so you will know what road to turn at in addition to a numerical distance gauge like most GPS navigation units. Prices begin around $210. [Garmin]