Gaggle Of Porsche Prototypes Show Facelifted Boxster And 911 Targa GTS

There were eight prototype Porsches in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive the other day. And even through the camo we were able to see some excellent things. Like updates to the Boxster and Cayman and what appears to be a GTS version of the 911 Targa. GAHHHHH!


The prototypes are on Rodeo Drive because that's presumably where the majority of owners will take them daily and they need to see how they handle stop and go traffic and gawking at luxury merchandise.

But what you will notice is that the Cayman and Boxster now have four LEDs in the headlights, like the 911. They also have the steering wheel from the Macan and 918, which is excellent.

Then there are a couple 911s with center exit exhausts, like the Carrera GTS we saw a little while back. And one of those is a Targa. A Targa GTS. this car is my spirit animal. Please be real. Please exist.

Now watch as Porsche engineers try to avoid questions from people on the street. It's also cringeworthy. Maybe drive with the top up next time?

Hat Tip to @Subaruwrxfan!


Jonathan Harper

Also, with an antenna on the back of each car, I'm thinking there has to be a data acquisition chase car. Maybe this Suburban?