Sixteen. That's a number. More specifically, its the number of variants that Porsche currently has for the 911. Well, get ready for that number to break 20: The GTS is coming.

These shots show what all the folks (seriously. All of them. All of the folks.) believe to be the next generation Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. That means this is a model that will slot right between Carrera S and the GT3.

What does that mean for you, dear reader/possible Porsche purchaser? Well, you'll get a 911 with some more power, probably somewhere in the 425 to 440 horsepower area, stiffer, sportier suspension setup, and some unique exterior details like GT3-esque center mounted exhaust and a more aggressive aero kit. Like the last GTS, I'd expect that there will be a Carrera GTS, Carrera GTS Cabrio, Carrera 4 GTS, and a Carrera 4 GTS Cabrio, bringing that variant total up to a healthy 20.


The GTS is one of our favorite variants around here, since it combines all the best parts of the GT3 and C2S to make the best street-spec 911 Carrera you can buy.

But what if everyone is wrong and this is a four cylinder 911? A V8 911? A hybrid 911? A 911 GT3 GTS? The possibilities are really endless.


If this is a 2015 911 GTS, expect it to break cover fairly soon and to be in dealers late this year or in early 2015. Maybe.

Photo Credits: Autoscoop