Fun With FoMoCo PR: We Like To Live Life On The Edge

The automotive power-towers scattered across the Metro Detroit region are filled with people whose only job is to make people think sky-blue-pink thoughts about the vehicles sold by their company. These people — are people who need people to love them, and although they're known by different names at each company, their job is one and the same — to be public relations professionals. So, on a semi-regular basis we'll spend some time with these overpaid underworked overstressed PR pros in order to mock everything they hold dear talk with them and learn about their social lives products. In this, the first of what will hopefully be a plethora of episodes, we're talking with FoMoCo PR staffer Whitney Drake about Ford's "flagship," the Edge. While fending off the local yokels walking between us and the camera we'll ask her all sorts of penetrating questions about her job, her likes, her dislikes and whether she lives life on the edge. If, after the fluff stuff is done and there's time, we may even get around to asking her about FoMoCo's newest pumpkin CUV.

Ad Watch: Living On The Ford Edge Of Buildings [internal]

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Al Navarro

Wow, that she said some of those things with a straight face was amazing. Odd that she didn't have the target audience for th Edge down cold, but otherwise a fine performance in light of Ray's, erm, lightness.