Full-Bore Race Cars Are Even More Gorgeous At Night

I guess the best thing about a Porsche 996 RSR is that with a little effort, you can turn one into the most hardcore road legal GT3 RS ever. With a six-speed manual, naturally.

You know how Porsche throws out a bunch of arguably unnecessary things from the Carrera GTS to create the 911 GT3, only to go even further with the weight shredding later on for the GT3 RS? The only limitation there is that the RS still has to remain road-legal and reliable enough to be a daily driver for those few insane buyers.


One huge step closer to all the race tracks in the world, the 911 RSR doesn’t need to satisfy anybody apart from the FIA. Or, in this case, the residents of Liverpool.

The Supercar Driver took ‘Mad Manx’ for a spin throughout the night:

It’s hard to beat a screaming flat-six.

Photo credit: SCD TV

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