Look, we might moan about every single new piece of car technology when it comes out. Over time, we'll learn to appreciate it – or at least live with it.

The newest piece is the "Smokey Burnout Control" that's apparently bound for the BMW M3/M4 and 2015 Ford Mustang. Yes, it has a great name. No, I don't know when you'd use it. And a lot of you think it's technology overreach in performance cars that's just totally uncalled for.

Diesel seems to have a better idea:

I have burnout control.

It's called my feet.

To which CzechMonster responded:

You shall be known as Fred Flintstone from now on :)

But if you get one of these cars with super-duper burnout control sport or whatever other people call it, do tell everyone you know about the yabba dabba doo time you're having.


Photo: Getty Images