Last night the above commercial called "Das Auto" was shown here on German TV before an expected announcement today, one day before the Frankfurt Auto Show, of a new Smart-fighting concept car called the "Up!" Yes, that's an exclamation point in the name of the concept car, and no, we've no idea why it's there. While we know there's been much talk of a tie-up between Apple and V-Dub, we've no idea if this is the car folks have been talking about — despite the vey Apple-like interior designs. What we do know is this concept's one of those "gonna be made" concept cars and it's set to go into production in two years with a fuel economy target of as close to 100 mpg as possible. Here's a better screen cap of "Das Smart." We're expecting we'll have more on dis auto throughout the day, so keep your eyes on our Frankfurt Auto Show tag for all the hottest action. UPDATE: Gallery below.

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