Frank Black -- Nadine

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.


Sorry the video is just a still frame, but I like this song enough that I don’t care. This is a fun song to sing along to, loudly and sloppily, so maybe just check the area for Nadines before going nuts. Just to, you know, avoid any awkwardness.

If you are a Nadine, then, well, have at it.

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Show Me Your Tears is a seriously underrated record. And possibly the last really good record Frank Black Francis has put out. After that, what, Fastman Raider Man? Honeycomb? The Black Francis solo stuff, Grand Duchy and the Pixies reunion record? All have their moments, but I’ll take any of the Catholics records over them, any day.

For the record, Dog In The Sand is the secret best thing the man has ever been involved with. And yes, that’s even including The Pixies original run.