Foust Bends Block Over Knee At Grid, Spanks Him Silly

Tanner Foust told us earlier this year he taught Ken Block how to Gymkhana. This weekend he showed Block he's still the master, beating Block at his own 2010 Gymkhana Grid Invitational. Say Tanner's name, bitch!


Of course maybe Foust just beat Block because Foust's "Festiva" was so much better than Block's "AWD Ford Festia." Where the hell can I buy either of those?

The only thing we can think is maybe Block spent so much energy celebrating his receipt of starred commenter status here on Jalopnik during last week's episode of "Ask Me Anything" that his head just wasn't in the game. Yeah, that's totally it.


(Hat tip to Axel-Ripper and LuckyChuck!)

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