Ask Me Anything: Ken Block Edition

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Rally driver and shoe mogul Ken Block's turned his Gymkhana videos from internet sensation into a racing series, Fiesta motorsports kit, and a rally career. Now he's taking a break to answer your questions in the comments below.

As with previous versions of "Ask Me Anything," you're going to ask questions in the comments and we're going to answer. Or, rather, we're going to let hoonigan Ken Block answer. Drop a question in the comments below and, for approximately the next hour, he'll respond to as many as his fingers will let him.


You're encouraged to ask the tough questions, but since this is our first time with someone that's not us we ask you not mistreat our guest. Or at least if you're going to mistreat him, at least make it funny.

And with that... BEGIN!

Update: Ken's agreed to hang out answering questions for a bonus 15 minutes, but has to jet at 6:30 pm EST. He's answered at least 60 of your questions so far and will keep chugging away. If you want to see the responses to his past questions you'll need to click "earlier discussions." A quick way to view his back-and-forth is on his commenter page.