Founder Of Popular Chevy Volt Website Trades His Volt For A Ford

Chevy Volt owners are a fanatical, interesting bunch. Just watch the commercials. But one major gripe has always been that the car can only fit the driver and three passengers. So what is the Founder of supposed to do when his family grows? Get a Ford, of course.

Dr. Lyle Dennis founded and had a lot of faith in the project. He owned the eighth car off the assembly line and had tons of contact with the people in charge of the Volt's development. But the huge t-shaped battery pack that gives the Volt its range was also its downfall.


He had to get a car that could fit more than four people for his family. Hence the switch to aC-Max Energi plug-in hybrid.

This has to be a bit of feather in Ford's cap to get the man that was one of the Volt's most ardent supporters over to their side, but Dennis has stressed that the Volt is still an excellent car, he just needs to fit more people.

Hey GM, when is that Volt MPV coming?

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