Ford C-Max Energi And Hybrid Charge Up

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Ford's answer to the Chevy Volt isn't just an all-electric version of the Ford Focus. It's also two varieties of its upcoming C-Max hatchback — a regular hybrid and a plug-in hybrid that Ford says beats the Volt in efficiency.


The C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi will launch next year, using updated versions of the Ford full hybrid system found in the Fusion. While the C-Max Hybrid should improve on the Fusion's 41 mpg city fuel economy rating, Ford says the plug-in Energi will have a range of 500 miles and get better fuel economy in charge sustaining mode than the Volt. Ford didn't say how much energy the C-Max Energi will store in its batteries, but did say a full charge could be done on standard household current overnight. [Ford]

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That front end is a mix of plastics in unreinforceable shapes and pieces. I can't wait to see what the IIHS' bumper tests do to that.