'Fortune' Not Bullish on Ford

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Either Fortune's Alex Taylor has an axe to grind into the cutting equivalent of a Henckels with somebody at FoMoCo, or the Blue Oval is as screwed as a garage band that just signed with Warner Brothers without reading the fine print. Taylor is rather merciless in his assessment of the Spawn of Henry, and it definitely comes through that he's not impressed with new honcho Alan Mulally.


We're wait-and-see on the flyboy, but we agree with Taylor that Detroit corporate culture has to die across the board. We've seen it at Ford, we've seen it at GM, and we've seen it at Chrysler Group. And while it may be an obvious statement, Taylor's take is a bang-on crib sheet for a pop quiz on why the American auto industry is choking on its own fumes. Detroit is dead. Long live Detroit!

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I recall someone once telling me that Ford used to pay its invoices by weight. They'd just put a pile of them on a scale and whatever they weighed, that somehow corresponded to what they owed.

That said, I'm not sure I'd trust a bond analyst from a place called Gimme Credit.