Formula One Entry Fees Are Really Expensive

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Excluding the costs associated with personnel, building the race cars, transportation all over the globe, hospitality, and whatever else Formula One teams spend ridiculous money on, there are the costs to just enter the championship in the first place. Since 2013, teams have paid an entry fee for the year based on how many points it scored the prior season. That price per point is calculated based on the U.S. Consumer Price Index.


According to, every single team, regardless of points earned, is required to pay a base amount of $546,133. Above and beyond that, the prior year’s constructors’ champion must pay $6553 per point earned, while all other teams pay just $5459 per point earned. I’ve never owned a car worth more than three FIA world championship points.

Here are the points totals and corresponding entry fee each team must pay to enter in 2019.

Mercedes: 655 points - $4,838,348 

Ferrari: 571 points - $3,663,222 

Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer: 419 points - $2,833,454 

Renault: 122 points - $1,212,131 

Haas-Ferrari: 93 points - $1,053,820 

McLaren-Renault: 62 points - $884,591 

Racing Point Force India-Mercedes: 52 points - $830,001 

Sauber-Ferrari: 48 points - $808,165 

Scuderia Toro Rosso- Honda: 33 points - $726,280 

Williams-Mercedes: 7 points - $584,346 

Interestingly, because Force India re-branded ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, and only scored 52 points following that re-brand (which came with a re-entry to the championship and a forfeiture of all points earned up to that point, which determines each team’s share of the year end television revenue) they are only forced to pay the entry fee this year based on those 52 points, and not the additional 59 points the prior version of the team earned.

Damn, racing is expensive, y’all. 



Jesus......I knew F1 was expensive, but that means Mercedes-AMG spends close to $50M a year just to enter races and have HAM in the car.