We've explained the power of the Ferrari Chaser before. It's like a unicorn chaser, but more effective. Tired of flight delays, grating in-laws and other holiday stress? Shh. Don't worry. Here's a V12 Ferrari 412 T2 Formula One car to make it all go away.


This car is from 1995, when either Jean Alesi or Gerhard Berger would have taken the wheel. Back then, F1 engines had twice the number of cylinders and emitted a high-pitched wail that we grew to know, love and miss from Formula One.

Press play, and relive the glory days of the V12 F1 cars. Turn the sound all the way up, and forget about travel woes, bland Thanksgiving food and/or any relatives who bring up your shortcomings (real or perceived) in a most insensitive way.

No words. Just V12.

(H/T Dave Foreman)

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