Listen To This Ferrari After Anything Terrible And You'll Feel Better

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Much like a "unicorn chaser" for horrific imagery, this is the perfect video to listen to after being subjected to annoying audio. It's Maximilian Werner's Ferrari 250 SWB GT Breadvan pole position lap from the 2013 Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

Maybe you've been Rick Rolled too many times. Maybe one of your Facebook friends linked to Selena Gomez's grating prepubescent whine in some kind of sociopolitical feminist debate that you dare not comment on, but read out of abject boredom. Or maybe this is just happening again on Oppo.

Either way: Breadvan. No music overlay. No other noises. Just... Breadvan.

Videos like these work for real-life audio fail, too. Loud neighbors? Nagging parents and/or significant other? Cantankerous herd of cattle rolling through? Crank the engine noise up to 11.


Got any other audio chasers for unfortunate listening situations? Post them below!

(H/T mikecyc72usa; via Motorsport Retro)