Forget How You Use It - For Ford, It Actually Is The Size Of Your Bolt That Matters

We can't believe we missed this gem of an ad from FoMoCo featuring Mike Rowe. It's a continuation of the "Dirty Job" he's been doing for Ford shilling for the F-150 pickup truck. The man's already talked about five-star crash rating, the leaf springs and the boxed frame. But this ad's the first time Rowe's gotten down to the real question every buyer of trucks wants answered — how big will this truck make my bolt look? The answer appears to be that if you're buying a Ford F-150 you'll have a huge swollen hunk of a bolt.


I am Jack's complete lack of compassion

Kind of silly, actually. I've never seen or heard of a leaf spring shackle bolt failing. Maybe Ford's going for the 'ridiculously overengineered minor part' trophy previously held by the British for the accelerator linkage on the Jensen Interceptor.