Ad Watch: Selling Ford Trucks Is A "Dirty Job"

FoMoCo's really pushing this "Ford Challenge" tagline and we're sort of digging it. It's certainly a helluva lot better than "Bold Moves" at describing what the Dearborn-based automaker's looking to prove. I mean, it's no Iacocca-esque "If you can find a better car..." but then again, they sell more trucks than they do cars anyway. So that explains why Henry Ford's baby is all over Mike Rowe, the host of "Dirty Jobs." The man personifies the play-in-the-mud type. And playing in the mud is what at least one of these commercials is doing. The first one above is called "Leaf Springs" and yes, that's the technical term for it, but the one below the jump called "Boxed Frame" seems to insinuate other automakers use "un-boxed" frames on their competing trucks within the line-up. Interestingly enough, FoMoCo doesn't mention another automaker that uses "un-boxed" frames in their competitor to the F-150 for the 2007 model year. Which makes us wonder — does any automaker use "un-boxed" frames? We know Chevy doesn't in the new Silverado (which look to be the trucks they've got in the video), and we're pretty certain the new Toyota Tundra doesn't either. What about the others? Check out the ad and then leave your comments below 'cause well, we'd like to know.



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