Ad Watch: Ford Gives Chevy Suburban The Finger With New Expedition EL Ads

FoMoCo's dropped a blizzard of creative on us today and we're literally just trying to shovel our way through the mess of it as we speak. So we'll start off with the double shot of ads they're firing across the bow of the General's big-league profit-maker, the Chevy Suburban. True, the Expedition's already beating the Suburban in sales, but whatever, maybe they like the whole "underdog" role. It's either that or they're scared the big automaker from the D's looking at buying them up to along with the Chrysler Group. Whatever the reason, in the first ad above named appropriately enough, "finger," FoMoCo's giving their index a workout in a way not seen since digits were given the opportunity to do the walking almost a decade ago. Since they're out of practice maybe it's a good idea for them to start small with a button in the back of a heavy people hauler. The second ad, after the jump, is called "Third Row" and it's all about how there's more room in the third row of the new Expedition for Ford ad actors to, you know, "do stuff." Sounds kinky to us. What isn't kinky is how FoMoCo appears to be eschewing the "Bold Moves" tagline in lieu of the more sales-oriented "Ford Challenge" tag. Sounds to us like some company's just realized that they need to actually make bold moves before they start using that particularly adventurous phrase they've found themselves attached to.


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