Ad Watch: Ford Will Challenge Your Mid-Size To A Duel And Pay Car & Driver To Make It Happen

FoMoCo's already showed off their buddy-buddy handjob relationship with Car and Driver's "exclusive" pre-embargo hand-off of the Lincoln MKR and Jaguar concept pics. The two not-so-independent lovebirds appear to be continuing the cuddling n' kissing with FoMoCo's newest ad campaign launching today for Car and Driver subscriptions the 2007 Ford Fusion FoMoCo Prez of the Americas, Mark Fields called "the 2007 version of 'Have You Driven A Ford Lately?'" In reality though, it's called the "Fusion Challenge." In addition to a heavy print buy and some viral video that FoMoCo claims will leave us "tingling" and "fizzy," it features 600 of the buff book's subscribers participating in a Pepsi taste test-like ride n' drive in Washington, DC last month. Consumers Subscribers drove three vehicles — an '07 Honda Accord EX-L V6, an '07 Toyota Camry XLE V6 and an '07 SEL AWD V6 in a not-so-quite equal battle of the mid-size sedans. As you'd expect — the company paying for the challenge and having a competitive advantage in handling due to AWD, wins. But we'll try not to hold that not-so-bold move against them. But, as I'm also told — a consumer will make a decision based on price and not on equality of options — thus, as long as the vehicles are at similar price points — it's all good. The first ad, called "Fusion Challenge" is above, and the second ad, called "Something Different" — along with a couple of variants — are after the jump.



[The Fusion Challenge]

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I dont know a single person (outside of the state and federal govt workers) who owns a Fusion. Its fugly and blander than anything Toyota has put out. I'm also willing to bet that there will be 2006 Camry's hogging the left lane long after the last Fusion has finished its 'Bold Move'