Ford's Bronco Sport Launch Delayed Until September: Report

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Though we’ve known what the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport will look like for a little more than a month, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see one in the flesh. Until September, most likely.

Automotive News reports that supplier information obtained by the publication suggests that the target date for the commencement of production has slid from July 13 to September 7th.


This setback comes after the cancellation of the New York International Auto Show which is typically held around now each year. This year, the show was planned to host the public reveal for the little crossover sibling to the forthcoming full-size Bronco. The Javits Center, which hosts the Auto Show every year, is currently serving as a makeshift field hospital to help New York contend with the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Reached for comment regarding the setback and potential alternate plans for a public reveal by Automotive News, Ford declined to elaborate as the Bronco Sport has not been officially publicly acknowledged by the automaker as of yet.

Though Ford has not been forthcoming about the details and specs of the Bronco Sport, we do know that the Escape-based five-door crossover features styling scaled down from the new full-size Bronco, a body-on-frame SUV aimed more at off-road use than the Bronco Sport.

That vehicle is expected to be revealed early next year, and Ford representatives told Automotive News that it, along with other major product launches like the Mustang Mach E electric crossover and refreshed F-150 pickup will not be significantly delayed like the Bronco Sport.