Ford Thanks Bronco Buyers For Their Patience With $300 In Ford Bucks

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Ford is sorry you’re going to have to wait a few more months for your Bronco. To make that wait a little more bearable, the automaker is giving prospective owners the equivalent of $300 in FordPass Rewards points sometime between now and when deliveries are made.

The update comes courtesy of Torque News, which shared an email sent to people who had either signed up for Bronco communications from Ford or already placed reservations:

As part of your upcoming owner experience, you will have the opportunity to participate in our FordPass™ Rewards loyalty program. At your time of delivery, you will earn 42,000 FordPass Rewards Points (over $200 value) to use toward maintenance, service, accessories and much more at your local Ford Dealer. As a thank you for your patience and interest in Bronco, we are adding an additional 20,000 FordPass Rewards Points when you take delivery of your Ford Bronco. That’s 62,000 FordPass Rewards Points (over $300 value) to use toward accessories, maintenance and service at your local Ford Dealer.


The wording is a bit confusing here, as the text says buyers will receive 42,000 points, or about $200, “at your time of delivery,” then saying that another 20,000 will be distributed “when you take delivery.” Those sound like the same thing to me, so we’ve reached out to Ford for clarification. In either case, if you’re ordering a Bronco, you will get $200 at some point before you get your truck and then about another $100 when you actually have it.

Earlier in the email, Ford lays out how Bronco buyers can expect the next few months to go. Order consultations were originally planned for this month, but now they’ll kick off in January and extend through March. Ford says that your “reservation timestamp,” rather than the date of your order, determines your Bronco’s place in the production queue. Then, in spring 2021, you should receive an estimated time of arrival for your truck:

In May 2021, once we review all submitted orders and can forecast production, we will provide you with an estimated window of when you can expect to take delivery of your Bronco. Initial customer deliveries are now expected to begin in summer 2021. Given demand, we anticipate deliveries to continue through the 2022 calendar year, with some customers getting a 2022 model‑year Bronco.

As for the kinds of accessories you’ll be able to redeem your 62,000 FordPass points for, Ford says it’ll share more on those benefits closer to delivery time. At least you can browse the Bronco catalog for inspiration, as many members of the Bronco6G forum are already doing.

Those points will pay off about a third of the tube door kit for the two-door Bronco, help with some roof rack and hitch accessories, or knock most of the price off a mesh top. Critically, they’ll cover more than a third of the official Ford portable fridge/freezer! (It costs $759.)

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Of course, we don’t yet know whether FordPass points will be usable for all of these items; alternatively, you could just put them toward your first or second service. Fortunately, there’s lots of time to plan your approach.

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