COVID-19 Is Bucking Up Ford's Bronco Launch

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Excited to drive the new Ford Bronco next spring, were you? Well, you won’t, as Ford announced today that both two- and four-door versions of the highly anticipated and high-riding SUV have been delayed until summer 2021.


The blame, as it tends to these days, rests with the ongoing pandemic. Jiyan Cadiz, Bronco communications manager, told the Detroit Free Press that supplier issues have thwarted production:

The all-new Bronco two-door and four-door customer deliveries will begin in the summer rather than the spring due to COVID-related challenges our suppliers are experiencing.

Cadiz added some critical information for those looking to place orders:

Reservation holders will be notified their orders will now be starting in mid-January instead of Monday, Dec. 7. Reservation holders now have until March 19 to finalize their dealer selection, place their order and agree to the selling price.

Unfortunately, the story gets even worse if you were eyeing what will likely be the rarest of Broncos: One with the much-vaunted Sasquatch off-road package and a manual transmission. Those vehicles, which Ford only committed to building in September as a result of customer feedback, were originally supposed to make it out in time for the 2021 model run. Now, they’ll be christened 2022 vehicles, and arrive at a later date yet to be determined.

Of course, if the worst thing that happens to you during this pandemic is that you have to wait a little longer for your epic SUV, you can count yourself pretty lucky.


We’ve waited 25 years — surely, we can wait a little longer. Right? Hey, at least the Bronco Sport is out now!

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“Bucking up” means encouraging or improving. Was the headline going for “fucking up” and decided to make a bronco pun with “bucking up?”

Because the pun just reversed the meaning of the headline.