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Ford Loves New Chevy "Man Step" Commercial

Illustration for article titled Ford Loves New Chevy Man Step Commercial

According to PickupTrucks, Ford apparently loves the above new Chevy commercial where spokesman Howie Long makes fun of a Ford owner's "man step" on the new 2009 Ford F-150.


GM's calling out the competition pretty aggressively in a new commercial for the Chevy Silverado. In the 30-second spot, GM's Howie Long mocks the new F-150's tailgate step and an uncoordinated owner who's tied down a new birdhouse in the back of his new blue-oval pickup.


Long, after tossing bags of concrete into the back of his Silverado, tells the guy, "Hey buddy, you left your little, uh, 'man step' down."

Ford's response appeared to be one of thanks. Here's Ford truck marketing manager Doug Scott:

I hope they keep running the spot because they're doing a great job advertising that feature for us.Thirty-two percent of the 2009 F-150s we've sold have that tailgate step. We're doing really well with it, and we're really happy they're running that ad because it's proven to be a popular feature."

We bet Scott's got a man-step too.

But it wasn't just Ford that Chevy's got in their bowtie-wearing sights — Long also takes a swipe at the new 2009 Dodge Ram. Check out that ad over at [via PickupTrucks]


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I'll tell you one thing, I'm glad the football season is basically over. Watching those horrific F-150 ads with the tried-and-true "Smarmy Denis Leary conversation with big words that spell out what he's saying in fun patterns" were not only just tired, but also caused at least one headache. Ad agencies obviously haven't figured out how to make ads for HDTV that don't cause large amounts of pain for those too lazy to get off the couch.