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Outside of the United States there are mystical racing events called "Touring Car" where cars actually resembling family production vehicles turn both left and right. To compete in these magical happenings Ford created this Focus ST-based Touring Car Concept.


Amid the customized Foci was this meaty red-and-white Focus, a thinly veiled preview of the kind of turn key, race-ready car Ford wants to be known for. Particularly, this unimaginatively named "Focus Race Car Concept" is setup for the 2011 British Touring Car Championship where it'll compete with Seats and Hondas. It doesn't sound exciting, but it is.


Ford tells us the engine will be the same 2.0-liter EcoBoost found on the ST, so a baseline of 248 hp is expected. The suspension's upgraded with beefier adjustable sway bars, AST performance coil-over dampers, and larger front brakes. There's also an FIA-approved roll cage, Recaro racing seat, fire suppression system, racing harness and everything you'll need to go racing.

They promise this car will influence production models. Great. You know you already build a Focus RS right? Can you give us one of those?

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