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The endless monotony of boring U.S. hatches got you down? The Ford Focus ST's going to turn that frown upside-down. A 246-hp, sexified, Ecoboosted, five-door probably headed for America. A beautiful sunrise may be breaking over the Carpocalyptic landscape.


Though Ford hasn't specifically stated the Focus ST is coming stateside, their press releases and PR folks imply as much with very heavy-handed mentions of the car being a "global reveal," (wink, wink). The Paris-Auto-Show-bound ST is powered by a 246-hp Ecoboost four cylinder and a six-speed manual transmission. Outside you see a more aggressive front fascia, side treatment, brakes, wheels and rear end. Inside the car gets a high-zoot carbon-fibery interior and extra gauges. You hear that? It's every single Mark 1 Focus SVT owner weeping with joy. We're right there with them.

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meh, I still prefer the looks of the last gen focus RS