Ford F-100 Coming In 2011?

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The Ford Ranger's just about ready to kick the bucket, gas prices are higher than the dress neckline of a Texas polygamist cult and CAFE standards — well, let's just say they don't leave much room for error on the high side of the gas guzzle range. Sounds like high time Ford announced a new pickup truck, doesn't it? Perhaps. But only if said pickup truck is the purported return of a badge not seen from Dearborn since 1983 — F-100. That's right, we're hearing rumors this morning of a mini-pickup based on the current F-150. Well, it'll be based on the F-150 in look, feel and most importantly not in size. If it's coming, we're told to expect a Ford F-100 at 9/10ths the size of the 2009 Ford F-150 to hit dealer lots in the 2011 model year.


Our friends at are also telling us this morning rumors aren't as far-fetched as one would think. Ford desperately is looking for ways to hold on to their share of the ever-shrinking pickup truck market and if they need to offer a stripped down F-150 on Weight Watchers, they'll do it. Heck, they've even got a pretty sketch of what a new boldly-moving-smaller pickup based on the current F-150 might look like. Expect the real version to look nothing like it. But have a look anyway. []



I don't know how well it would sell to the traditional truck buyer being Unitized. Around my neck of the woods, the Ridgeline is largely considered a joke. Plus it would mean Ford would have to engineer a new platform. making a downsized F150 with body on frame is a better idea. The way trucks would get abused by fleet buyers, making body sheet metal a structural member is a HUGE no no on a truck considering it won't be too long before that panel gets ruined by cargo loading mishaps.

@Paul Y. is Going Dumb at the Sideshow: You haven't driven a Ranger with the 3.0L Vulcan V6. The 3.0L in a 4x4 Ranger gets WORSE fuel economy than the 4.0L because you have to keep the pedal to the floor most of the time to get it out of its own way. My brother in law has an '01 4x4 with the 3.0 and that's his biggest complaint.

If Ford wasn't so gung-ho about Wrong Wheel Drive, they could have refreshed the Ranger with some newer engine choices like the 3.5L V6 which has alot more ooomph than the 3.0 but the same fuel economy, unfortunately the 3.5L is built only for Wrong Wheel Drive AFAIK.