Ford And Microsoft Get In "Sync" To Offer Wireless Internet In Your Car

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The Wall Street Journal's confirmed Bill Ford's FoMoCo and Bill Gates' MicrosoftNotMoCo will be unveiling a joint project next weekend at both the Detroit Auto Show and the Consumer Electronic something-or-the-other. We're assuming it's the same one we were talking about before — the one supposedly modeled after the software maker's joint project with Fiat called "Blue & Me" it's a system that:

" will allow for hands-free cellphone communication and other wireless information transfers inside the car, including the ability to receive email and download music."


We're also hearing... will "revolutionize the driving experience" — but we've yet to see proof of that. The system will be available starting in the Ford Focus and the Five Hundred first and then is expected to spread across the automaker's lineup. The WSJ's also claiming the system will be called "Sync," which means we're now assuming the release event will include a performance of n'Sync — with the part of Lance Bass played by Toby Keith.

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