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Autoblog's sister site EnGadget is of the opinion FoMoCo and the big software behemoth out in Redmond, WA are scheming on some sort of joint project to win over the hearts and minds of the nations motorists. Supposedly said heart-winning is to come via Bluetooth connectivity a la Chrysler's uConnect feature and it'll be jointly (or not-jointly) announced at CES and the Detroit Auto Show. We don't know if that's exactly what it'll end up being that FoMoCo/MSFT will end up showing, or even if they'll end up showing anything at all. But now we're curious as to what other announcements may be on the horizon โ€” an Apple and General Motors Chevy iSuburban perhaps? Keep your eyes tuned here via the Detroit Auto Show page or the RSS feed all the way through the end of the show on January 10th for more deets as we learn them.

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