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Damn, have we really been leading the single life for a year? When Forbes released last year's iteration of this list we'd just received a "Dear Johnson" letter and had decided to move back to California. We did not buy any of the cars on last year's list, and on our blogger's salary, we doubt will be buying any of the vehicles on this year's, either. Next year, though, when we've hit the big time, we're totally buying ourselves a Tesla, a shag-carpeted Sprinter with a moon window and a Baja Bug. Click through for what the Forbsies think you should be driving, swinger.

Best Car For Your First Job Out Of College: Honda Civic
Best Car For When You've Just Sold Your Screenplay: Audi RS4 Sedan
Best Car For When You're Paying Off Grad School: Honda CR-V SUV
Best Car For Not Scaring Off Your Date: Volvo C70 Convertible
Best Car For Newly Divorced Dads: Lotus Elise Convertible
Best Car For Boosting Your Sex Life: BMW M6 Coupe
Best Car For Eco-minded Singles: Toyota Prius Sedan
Best Car For When You're Forced To Move Back In With Your Parents: MazdaSpeed3 Hatchback
Best Car For 45-year-old, Single Men: Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Best Car For 45-year-old, Single Women: Saturn Sky Convertible
Best Car For When You've Been Made Youngest Partner: Aston Martin V-8 Vantage Coupe

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